About NNCrystal

Offering High-Quality Nanocrystals and Nanocrystal Based Products to Researchers and Industry Around the World

Nanomaterials and Nanofabrication Laboratories (NN-Labs®) is an industry leader in the production of colloidal nanocrystals and quantum dots. NN-Labs® was founded in 2001 to commercialize work done by Professor Xiaogang Peng, formally of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Arkansas. From 2002-2011, NN-Labs® continued to develop and extend nanocrystal technology through several Phase l and Phase ll Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grants. During that time, Prof. Peng created another startup in his homeland of China, NNCrystal.  In 2015 NN-Labs® became NNCrystal US Corporation.

Humankind is consuming natural resources at unsustainable rates. Breakthroughs are needed that deliver superior benefits while using a fraction of the resources – materials and energy – compared to existing solutions. NNCrystal’s nanocrystal technology has the potential to deliver such breakthroughs in energy and materials efficiency through applications in solid-state lighting, solar photovoltaics, and biomedicine. We endeavor to build a thriving business enterprise delivering advanced nanocrystal materials’ solutions to solve urgent problems related to energy and human health.

NNCrystal, Lighting the Path for Nanotechnology