Colloidal nanocrystals comprise a large and important class of nanomaterials. Specifically, colloidal nanocrystals are nanometer sized fragments of the corresponding bulk crystals and are typically synthesized and processed as solution species. The properties of colloidal nanocrystals are often found to be size dependent for several reasons:

  • Their intrinsic physical sizes are comparable to the critical sizes of many important properties of a given class of functional materials, such as the wavelength of the electron wavefunction, the diameter of photo-generated excitons, the domain size of magnetic single domains, etc.
  • Their large surface-to-volume atom ratio, which alters the chemical potential of the structural units in comparison to the corresponding bulk crystals. The strongly size-dependent solubility of nanocrystals is a direct result.
  • The presence of size dependent structures in the nanometer regime, which includes electron band configuration, surface structure and reconstruction, unique crystal structures, etc. The unique catalytic properties of gold nanocrystals can be considered as an example of this.

This variety of size dependent properties coupled with solution-based processability make colloidal nanocrystals attractive for a number of applications including:

  • Light conversion (down converting blue light to a redder part of the spectrum)
  • Bio-labeling and imaging
  • Solar cell development
  • Optical experiments
  • Diode laser applications
  • Displays and lighting

NN-Labs® has the capability to provide nanocrystals with a variety of chemical compositions and in a variety of solvents including water.

NN-Labs® product line advantages include: