EyeMate LED Reading Lamp

EyeMate LED Reading Lamp

The EyeMate® full spectrum LED reading lamp emits a warm, natural light without losing energy efficiency and has no glare, flicker, or blue-light hazard!


EyeMate® is the full spectrum LED reading lamp you need to illuminate all of your activities. This incredibly efficient reading lamp uses blue LED chips to remotely excite semiconductor materials to create a stable source of continuous natural light, perfect for reading, working, or studying. EyeMate® has no glare, no flicker, and is free of any blue-light hazard! Without these harmful components of traditional light sources, EyeMate® makes working under a reading lamp more productive and causes less strain on your eyes. The warm, natural light with 8 dimmable settings adapts to your physiological and psychological needs, focusing on your health. Not to mention, the color rendering index Ra is 97 and the Ra of the sun is 100, so the EyeMate® full spectrum LED reading lamp restores the true color of what it illuminates to further improve your activities as if you were doing them under natural sunlight.

Wattage 11.50 W
Luminous Flux 650 lumens
Color Temperature 3000 K
Color Rendering Index (Ra) 97