Iron Oxide Nanoparticles In Powder Form (FEO P)

Iron Oxide Nanoparticles In Powder Form (FEO P)

Magnetic Iron Oxide (Fe3O4) nanocrystals with Oleic Acid stabilizing ligands in powder form.

$100.00 — $800.00

Magnetic Iron Oxide (Fe3O4) nanocrystals take advantage of the strong magnetic properties of Iron Oxide and incorporate them into nano-scale materials.  The Iron Oxide nanocrystals we offer demonstrate excellent size and size distribution characteristics, which allow for their use in high level applications where strict control over the nanocrystals’ properties and characteristics is necessary. These high quality Iron Oxide nanocrystals display exceptional magnetic properties, nearing those of the pure/bulk Iron Oxide, while capable of being biofunctionalized for numerous applications. Our Iron Oxide products are available in non-polar solvents, water, and powder form.

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Catalog No. Item/Description
FEO-05-020P Fe3O4 powder, 5nm, 20 mg sample ($100)
FEO-05-050P Fe3O4 powder, 5nm, 50 mg sample ($200)
FEO-05-100P Fe3O4 powder, 5nm, 100 mg sample ($400)
FEO-05-250P Fe3O4 powder, 5nm, 250 mg sample ($800)
FEO-10-020P Fe3O4 powder, 10nm, 20 mg ($100)
FEO-10-050P Fe3O4 powder, 10nm, 50 mg ($200)
FEO-10-100P Fe3O4 powder, 10nm, 100 mg ($400)
FEO-10-250P Fe3O4 powder, 10nm, 250 mg ($800)
FEO-20-020P Fe3O4 powder, 20nm, 20 mg ($100)
FEO-20-050P Fe3O4 powder, 20nm, 50 mg ($200)
FEO-20-100P Fe3O4 powder, 20nm, 100 mg ($400)
FEO-20-250P Fe3O4 powder, 20nm, 250 mg ($800)
FEO-30-020P Fe3O4 powder, 30nm, 20 mg ($100)
FEO-30-050P Fe3O4 powder, 30nm, 50 mg ($200)
FEO-30-100P Fe3O4 powder, 30nm, 100 mg ($400)
FEO-30-250P Fe3O4 powder, 30nm, 250 mg ($800)