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WELCOME to NNCrystal! We specialize in producing top quality nanomaterials made from our patented and well-known greener synthesis methods. Our quantum dots demonstrate excellent size distribution, emission, brightness, and purity as a result of over a decade of experience producing nanoparticles and a focus on quality. Our product line includes not only popular products such as CdSe and CdSe/ZnS, but also cadmium-free quantum dots such as CIS and InP/ZnS. We also carry new fluorescent microspheres made from our quantum dot technology and magnetic iron oxide products available in three forms: in water, in organic solvents, and in powder form. Many of our off-the-shelf nanocrystals are also available in water.

In addition to our standard product lines, NNCrystal now specializes in CUSTOM orders! Our production capability includes custom wavelengths, solvents, and chemical compositions. All our products are backed by top-notch customer service and support. Contact us today to see why we are preferred by industry specialists and researchers alike.



See our new Fluorescent Microspheres which compare in performance to fluorescent quantum dot beads!

See our eye friendly lighting products with new NLED technology. EyeMate LED Reading Lamp and LED Light Bulbs




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The Technology

Synthetic techniques for colloidal nanocrystals require an understanding of solution chemistry and crystal growth phenomena. While solution chemistry is generally believed to be well-understood, crystal growth is still considered an art. NNCrystal has licensed, on an exclusive basis, technology developed by Dr. Peng, considered a leader in the field of nanotechnology.