Manganese Doped Zinc Selenide (Mn:ZnSe) Quantum Dots (DD)

Manganese Doped Zinc Selenide (Mn:ZnSe) Quantum Dots (DD)

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The non-toxic and heavy metal-free manganese doped zinc selenide (Mn:ZnSe) quantum dots, or D-dots, from NN-Labs offer high quantum yields, excellent stability, and negligible re-absorption. The Mn:ZnSe quantum dots are unique in that the emission properties of the nanocrystals are not entirely based on size, as with conventional quantum dots, but rather on the dopant impurities within the crystal structure.

Potential applications: lighting, biomedicine, optoelectronics


  • Oleylamine stabilizing ligand for DD600
  • Oleic acid stabilizing ligand for DD620
  • 5.0-6.0 nm particle size
  • Emission peaks at 600 nm or 620 nm

SDS 600 SDS 620 | Sample Spectra | Technical Specifications


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Catalog No. Item/Description
DD600-10 Mn:ZnSe, Emission 600 ± 10nm, 10 mg sample ($200)
DD620-10 Mn:ZnSe, Emission 620 ± 10nm, 10 mg sample ($200)
DD600-25 Mn:ZnSe, Emission 600 ± 10nm, 25 mg sample ($400)
DD620-25 Mn:ZnSe, Emission 620 ± 10nm, 25 mg sample ($400)
DD600-100 Mn:ZnSe, Emission 600 ± 10nm, 100 mg sample ($1,300)
DD620-100 Mn:ZnSe, Emission 620 ± 10nm, 100 mg sample ($1,300)