EyeMate Full Spectrum LED Bulb

EyeMate Full Spectrum LED Bulb

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Experience natural daylight with EyeMate Full Spectrum LED Bulbs!

EyeMate LED Bulbs use full spectrum technology to simulate early morning and evening sunlight, bringing the benefits of natural light indoors. With EyeMate Full Spectrum Bulbs, you can enjoy the radiant sunlit glow of golden hour light inside your own home.

Enjoy the benefits of full spectrum light provided by EyeMate LED Bulbs. Full spectrum light can positively impact your mood and well-being, especially during winter and cloudy weather when sunlight is limited. Under full spectrum light, colors appear as if they are under natural sunlight. Lit with EyeMate Full Spectrum LED Bulbs, colors are perceived accurately and vividly, benefiting artistic endeavors which require color accuracy such as painting, photography, or applying makeup.

EyeMate Full Spectrum LED Bulbs also provide blue light protection, eliminating eye strain and headaches caused by harmful blue light. The full spectrum light and blue light protection delivered by EyeMate LED Bulbs can improve sleep and help regulate circadian rhythm by simulating the natural light to which the human body is biologically attuned.

While standard LED bulbs only emit a few wavelengths of the light spectrum, EyeMate Full Spectrum LED Bulbs emit the same wavelengths of light found in natural sunlight. With a Color Rendering Index (CRI) value of 97 Ra, EyeMate Full Spectrum LED Bulbs very closely mimic natural morning and evening sunlight. As an added benefit, EyeMate Full Spectrum LED Bulbs reduce the emission spike of harsh blue light found in standard LED bulbs.

Enjoy golden hour light with EyeMate Full Spectrum LED Bulbs!

Product Features:

  •          Simulates early morning and evening sunlight
  •          Emits no ultraviolet light
  •          Blue light protection
  •          Environmentally friendly: contains no mercury or hazardous materials
  •          Energy saving: 85% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs
  •          Easy to replace
  •          Long-lifespan
  •          Glare and flicker free

Product Specifications:

  •          Color Rendering Index (CRI): 97 Ra
  •          Color Temperature: 3000K
  •          Luminous Flux: 810 Lm
  •          Power: 10 W
  •          Voltage: 100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz
  •          Lifetime: 25,000 hours
  •          Base Type: E26
  •          Size: H115 x D60 mm
  •          Material: Ceramic, Glass/Ceramic, Polycarbonate
  •          Non-Dimmable

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