Magnetic Iron Oxide (Fe3O4) Powder (FEOP)

Magnetic Iron Oxide (Fe3O4) Powder (FEOP)

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Magnetic iron oxide (Fe3O4) powder is the pure powder form of the corresponding nanocrystals without any solvents. The well-passivated surface with organic ligands, however, prevents the nanoparticles from aggregating. The magnetic iron oxide nanocrystals from NN-Labs take advantage of the strong magnetic properties of iron oxide and incorporate them into nano-scale materials.  The iron oxide nanoparticles in powder form demonstrate excellent size distribution characteristics, which allow for their use in high-level applications where strict control over the nanocrystals’ properties and characteristics is necessary. These high-quality iron oxide nanocrystals display exceptional magnetic properties, nearing those of the pure/bulk iron oxide, and the magnetic nanoparticle powder is capable of being biofunctionalized for numerous applications.

Potential applications: magnetic fillings for composites, excellent contrast for TEM microscopy


  • Oleic acid stabilizing ligands
  • 5-30 nm particle size

SDS | Technical Specifications


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Catalog No. Item/Description
FEO-05-020P Fe3O4 powder, 5nm, 20 mg sample ($298)
FEO-05-050P Fe3O4 powder, 5nm, 50 mg sample ($419)
FEO-05-100P Fe3O4 powder, 5nm, 100 mg sample ($659)
FEO-05-250P Fe3O4 powder, 5nm, 250 mg sample ($839)
FEO-10-020P Fe3O4 powder, 10nm, 20 mg ($298)
FEO-10-050P Fe3O4 powder, 10nm, 50 mg ($419)
FEO-10-100P Fe3O4 powder, 10nm, 100 mg ($659)
FEO-10-250P Fe3O4 powder, 10nm, 250 mg ($839)
FEO-20-020P Fe3O4 powder, 20nm, 20 mg ($298)
FEO-20-050P Fe3O4 powder, 20nm, 50 mg ($419)
FEO-20-100P Fe3O4 powder, 20nm, 100 mg ($659)
FEO-20-250P Fe3O4 powder, 20nm, 250 mg ($839)
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